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A Safer Neighborhood Prevention Initiative: Hough and St. Clair Superior

Black Love Purpose

Black Love

BLACK LOVE IS SPECIAL….Black Love is powerful, beautiful, resilient, and even more amazing is that it is a force to be reckoned with. Even today, as black communities and black love are being tested, we know because of the evidence in our history that we have the power to rise.


Black on Black violence, especially gun violence, forces us to question Black Love. Black on Black killing is hard for us to wrap our minds around.  We as a people have come through so many trials and tribulations and have been able to weather the many storms of hardships, and come out of these bruising battles, strong and proud.


Most importantly, we knew why and how “we made it”. We knew “we made it” because we put our faith in Our higher power and our love for one another.


So right now, in this season of discontent, we must put our sober minds, our unbinding faith, and our love for one another together to heal our hearts and our community.



Upload your expression of Black Love (example: a photo mother braiding her child's hair, a video father tossing a ball with his child, or loading an elderly citizen's groceries in the car).

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